Doorbell pro failing at connecting to Ring Wifi

I am having tough time connecting to “Ring-1dead3” wifi during setting up my doorbell pro.

The step keeps failing saying that “Unable to connect to wifi” and it shows that “This network is operating on Wi-Fi channels in use by several other nearby networks”.

Tried multiple workarounds but didn’t work. Restarted my phone(s) and also did network resets but nothing worked. Appreciate if anyone faced similar issue and share a solution for the same.

Hi Ring community

Any help is highly appreciated - please let me know if anyone has workaround or solution for this?

Hi @RK06. The troubleshooting steps you took were excellent troubleshooting steps to try for this type of concern. Does the Ring network name you provided match the Mac ID of your Doorbell Pro? It should match the last few characters of your Doorbells Mac ID.