Doorbell pro dropped off Wi-Fi, won’t reconnect

My ring pro doorbell (hardwired) disconnected from my network a few days ago, and will not reconnect to my Wi-Fi or ring chime pro using the suggested reset. The white circling light happens, connects to my mobile device, but will not connect to Wi-Fi, even though it was working fine a few days ago. Other ring cameras in my house are still connected to the same network.

It is a unifi router/AP network. I’ve restarted the router.

Hi @MN_duke. When reconnecting to your WiFi, be sure that you are entering in your WiFi information manually, and not selecting it from a list of remembered networks. As a test, try connecting your Ring Pro to a WiFi hotspot. This will let you know if the problem lies within your network, or your device. Thanks, neighbor.

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