Doorbell Pro Bricked two times.

My new construction house used the Nicor eleteronic chime which outputs 18v AC and 125mA. It’s on Ring’s compatabilty list but it’s bricked two units at this point. They both installed/setup fine, no diode as instructed by Ring’s website and worked for around 10 mins then the Ring app said they had lost wifi. I checked the doorbell and the blue ring was lit it and it was flashing in the lower left corner.

I figured ok…I got a defective unit. Got it replaced. Same exact thing. The unit was very hot when I disconnected power from it. Wouldn’t hard reset, nothing. Just sat there and blinked blue in the lower left corner. When I turned the breaker back on eeach time the chime kept going off over and over and over for like 2 mins before stopping as well.

In the end I’m going with the 3 Plus because when they installed the wiring for my new house they put it 2 feet to the right of the door molding for some reason. It looks better and gets better coverage putting it on the door molding even using the corner wedge on the Ring Pro.

Am I just an ■■■■■ and did something wrong? It’s not blinking like it’s charging either.

Hey @james72. Thanks for detailing what you went through and what happened with those two Doorbell Pros. When you were installing the device, you were ensuring that you installed. Pro Power Kit with it, right? This may have been the reason the device was not working, as the Pro Power Kit is used to help regulate the power to the device. This is not needed with the Doorbell 3 Plus, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that. Are you saying now that you already have the Doorbell 3 Plus installed, and it’s not showing that it is charging/hardwired in the app? Just want to make sure I don’t leave you hanging with what you current device and setup is! In addition, what internal chime kit do you have? Feel free to let me know the make and model number! :slight_smile:

Thanks for getting back to me. There’s no way to use the diode, Pro Power Kit, with the NICOR PRCP1. See images below. I guess you’d have to cut the connectors off the diode, twist the wires together with the door bell wiring then push them into the terminal on the PRCP1? That’s probably more than what most homeowners would be willing or are capable of doing I believe.

I live in a new constrction community and my neighbor had to get the 3 plus as well because he couldn’t get the Pro to work with the NICOR.

My 3 Plus will be arriving today and I will just be installing it with the battery which is fine. The builder installed the door belling wiring 2 feet to the right of the front door which makes no sense to me. I’ll be able to mount the 3 Plus right on the door molding which is better.

I don’t know if the NICOR PRCP1 should be in your compatibility list simply due to the amount of wiring that needs to be done with the Diode unless Ring wants to include some kind of wiring kit.

@james72 The internal chime kit is definitely the reason why this wasn’t working before! If you check out our compatibility list for the Pro here, you will see this one is listed under not compatible chimes. This makes sense, especially after seeing the pictures of the wiring that you have, since it would be complex and not easily achievable to install the Pro Power Kit with this internal chime kit. Therefore, it also makes sense your neighbor had the same issue since they have the same kit. Glad we could pinpoint that for you to get some clarity on that situation. :slight_smile:

It sounds like the Doorbell 3 Plus should be a great setup for your situation, so I hope that that installation goes well. You can try to set it up with your internal chime kit if you would like to give it a go, as the Doorbell 3 Plus doesn’t require that Pro Power Kit for the install. Feel free to let me know how this goes!

I was on the wrong Doorbell compatabilty page. Yup I was an ■■■■■…lol thanks for your help.

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@james72 Listen, we all have our days! :joy_cat: I’m just glad we got you that answer instead of continuing to wonder why it happened. Let me know if have any other questions in the future, we’re always here to help when we can! :smiley_cat: