Doorbell Pro 5GHZ Connection Issues

I’m new to Ring products and have an issue connecting my Doorbell Pro to a TP-Link CPE510 wifi extender. The Doorbell Pro connects and works fine to a weaker wifi signal but just wont connect to the TP-Link, I actually bought two doorbells and neither work.

I’ve read that previous doorbells would only connect to 2.4 GHZ wifi signals but phoned Ring support and they confirmed that the Pro should connect to the 5 GHZ but they couldn’t help resolve this issue.

Any advice much appreciated…

Many thanks - Andy

Even though it connects to the 5ghz connection. 2.4ghz will work better over distance. I’d try using 2.4ghz.

Hi thanks for that.

I know I’ll have to go 2.4ghz as I bought the camera now which only works 2.4ghz but if the Pro is meant to connect to 5ghz I’m concerned why it doesn’t?

Even if I put the Pro right next to the transmitter it sees it but wont connect - maybe there’s a setting I’m missing.

On my iphone ipad it logs on immediately and flies…

I don’t know of any Ring settings in the pro doorbell that would stop or allow 5 GHz. It should be able to connect. I remember seeing both of my SSID for 2.4 and 5 GHz. So if it seems it, it should be able to connect. I just used 2.4 since it travels farther and has more than enough speed for my Pro to handle.