Doorbell Pro 2 - Not use Pro Power Kit v3?

Doorbell pro 2 wired connected to mechanical chime(verified on the compatibility list). Transformer is good(shows 17v and power level 1 in app). Mechanical chime will only ring once then never ring again when ring doorbell button is pressed. Manually connecting wires at doorbell will make it ring so i know doorbell itself works. Seems like it will start working again if i disconnected the Pro Power Kit v3 at the doorbell. What exactly does the Pro Power Kit v3 do? What damage /ill effects will happen if the Pro Power Kit v3 is not connected. Its bad enough when the doorbell button is pushed the doorbell will only ring once until the 50 second video length time passes but now it wont even ring the mechanical chime

I have come across a few people using the V2 pro power kit rather than v3 that comes with the doorbell pro 2 to fix the mechanical doorbell issue of not working…anyone chime in on that? It would be nice to know exactly what the pro power kits accomplish to be able to make a decision if i am comfrotable not using any

If i would decide to bypass the doorbell and wire ring doorbell directly to transformer, do i need to use the Pro Power Kit v3 in the direct wire config?

I’m having the same problem. I asked that Ring send me a V.2 replacement but they sent a V.3 instead and it doesn’t work. I have to have the power kit installed because my chime will buzz constantly if it’s not there, but it seems the power kit is not letting enough power through to work the chime when needed.

Hi @user23898. The Pro Power Kit V3 is the correct kit for the Ring Pro 2. Try checking your settings in the Ring app under Device Settings > General Settings and ensure that you have the correct chime kit selected. Let me know if this helps!

Yes, the v3 pro power kit is typically correct to use with the Ring Pro 2, I assume working with most modern doorbell chimes. However, my mechanical chime is from the 1990s and required a different amount of power to work the chime mechanism even though it was labeled as 10-16v. The Pro Power Kit v3 did prevent the constant buzz you can get with the small amount of power the Ring Pro 2 sends through the system, but the Power Kit v3 did not allow enough power to actually work my chime when the button was pressed. I have spoken with the Ring technical support team, who have been very responsive and helpful. Upon my second request, they sent me a replacement kit with v2 of the pro power kit. I just installed it and can confirm the Pro Power Kit v2 solved this issue and my chime now works as it should.

Hi @user23898. Glad to hear that our support team was able to help you get your Ring Pro 2 working with your older-style chime kit! Our support team is very knowledgeable and knows the tricks of the trade! Enjoy your Ring Pro 2!

I can verify that the Power Kit v3 that comes with the “Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2” does NOT work with our Mechanical doorbell but the v2 kit DOES (from our old “Ring Video Doorbell Pro” 1). You can get the Power Kit v2 from Ring or Amazon.

I’m facing the same problem but now the v2 power kit is not available. The tech support didn’t even know about this issue when contacted.

Same issue here, v2 power kit not available, any advice on obtaining the v2?

Same issue. When I install the powerkit 3 I do not hear my mechanical chime at all. When I uninstall it I can hear the chime just fine and Ring doorbell works. However, the app tells me that I am underpowered. What should I do?

Hi @idoc. I would also double check that your mechanical chime is on the compatibility list for the Pro 2. If it is compatible, I suggest reaching out to our support team to further investigate your concern. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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