Doorbell Pro 2 not connecting

I have a doorbell pro 2- plugged in and I don’t know if it won’t enter setup mode or just not working. When power it on a constant white light fades in and out. If I go through setup it fails constantly saying unable to connect to the ring device. I’ve reset it 20+ times, it’s mains powered and next to the router so ring website doesn’t offer any other help. Is it broken?

Hi @Sdocks. You’ll know your device is in Setup Mode when there is a white, spinning light. Try turning off power to your Ring Pro for 3 minutes, the turning the power back on. Allow the Ring Pro to boot up and you should be able to enter Setup Mode. I hope this helps!

Hi sorry as above I have done everything on support website and turned it off and on I’m after answers that are beyond this!!

Hi @Sdocks. If you are having issues with connecting to Live View, this Community article here will help. If you are having issues connecting to wifi, try resetting the device by holding the setup button down for 20 seconds, then release. This should allow you to make a connection. I hope this helps!

Mine is doing the same thing as OP. It was a flashing blue light for charging, then that went away and now it’s just a slow flashing solid white light. The whole circle slowly fades in and out. Tried resetting, tried cutting power. It’s been like this for 24 hours. Will not go into setup mode.

I have two routers (two different ISPs). One router works just fine with my Ring doorbell. The other not. I could not get the doorbell to connect.

First I disabled the firewall on the router (only long enough for this test) and my connectivity issue went away. Then I put the firewall back and added the MAC address for the Ring device to the router’s DMZ configuration. All problems solved…

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