Doorbell Pro 2 Mechanical Chime Compatibility List not working


The link for actuall Mechanical Chimes that are compatible is not wokring - the web page is not formed correctly by the looks.

Does anyone know which mechanical doorbells are compatible because I have had two now and both do not work with the official transformer and power pro etc. I spoke to the helpdesk but they were not very helpful and to be honest and quite curt at times sayig that no mechanical chimes are compatioble with Doorbell Pro 2.

Can anyone tell what make and model ding dong mechanical bell they have that is working with a Doorbell Pro 2 Wired?

Or point me to a working comaptibility list?


Hi @Splitpink. I’ll be forwarding that feedback along regarding the Help Center article. What is the make and model of your mechanical chime kit? It’s important for it to be compatible, but it’s also important for your transformer to provide sufficient power for both the Doorbell Pro and the chime kit. What are the power specifications of your transformer?