Doorbell pro 2 live feed jumping, Why?

Can anyone tell me why when watching the live feed on the pro 2 doorbell the image skips or jumps all the time but when watch the recording it does not.
Please do not say its the internet upload speed rubbish as it is not that.
Do I need to send doorbell back and look at something else I am wondering…

I installed mine yesterday, overall its a very nice device and a big improvement over my battery unit. Yeah I would agree recordings are better quality than live view, its not a massive difference but noticeable. I would suspect firmware will resolve. I have also noticed occasional issues with Live View where it wont load (I have perfect WiFi signal). Some other threads about Live View seem to say its an app issue that needs updated. The third issue I would say I have the LED light round the button isnt bright enough. Its very hard to see it when pressed and at night when it glows its really not bright enough. Again this should be fixable in firmware I would assume.

Still far to many bugs for my liking, it’s not as if they have had enough time to address them lol.
My LED light around the button only comes on when dark, not sure if this is a new feature or not.

The LED light on the Pro 2 while visible at night seems to have an issue. A couple of others have posted about it too. It’s far far dimmer than it should be to the point where you can’t see status or doorbell presses during the day. Hopefully a firmware fix. Not good if it’s a hardware issue. Compared with a Pro 1 it looks very weak.