Doorbell Pro 2 - is this damaged?

I know the LED issue impacts US units.

Has there been any response from the engineering team yet @Marley_Ring? I’d like to know if I should be returning my Doorbell Pro 2 as defective. Thanks.

Hi there, neighbors! After a closer look from our teams here, what you are noticing here is not a crack. It is a strand of stray adhesive that seems to be covering this component, thus looking like a crack, but it does not interfere with functionality.

As always, for any neighbors having concerns with their Ring device operation that have not been able to resolve it, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

@Marley_Ring Thanks Marley. I would agree it doesn’t seem to impact functionality. I think the point that might get brought up is will the flaw have any potential long term impacts such as when the device is exposed to sunlight etc. I am assuming it will also mean a tweak in the manufacturing process is required possibly.

Hi @Marley_Ring

Whilst one bit does look like dried adhesive, the other bit isn’t adhesive and is definitely a hairline crack or split.

The bit I’ve highlighted red is the adhesive you mentioned, the 2 yellow arrows aren’t, this is definitely damage caused by, what I’d guess, is pressure from the excess glue when it’s dried causing the piece to crack as it has no movement against the main glass front.

Either way, no doorbell should have defects, let alone what’s meant to be the top end device!

Just FYI, I was on a support call with Ring and they said that this is the light sensor.

I’m still not clear on what the official advice is from Ring on this issue. Should we return these affected units, or is Ring pledging to provide an extended warranty against any future hardware failures that are attributable to this manufacturing defect?

Hi neighbors. As mentioned by Marley, contacting our support team will be the best course of action to resolve this concern. If you have questions regarding our warranty, you can find that information here. Also, if you are subscribed to our Ring Protect Plus Plan, it comes with an extended warranty for qualifying devices. More information about our Ring Protect Plans can be found here. I hope this helps!

Thanks for responding, but that’s not an acceptable answer. Clearly there is a manufacturing issue with the Doorbell Pro 2, which has affected a good number of your customers. We need a definitive statement from Ring about this issue.

Should customers who have an affected device be contacting Ring to return it?

What is the potential impact of the light sensor being damaged / obscured? Are there any long term consequences? Could this be linked to the dim LED problem?

If customers agree to keep the affected devices, will there be an extended warranty period to cover any future problems should the cracking worsen?

Latest follow up to share -

“After reviewing some other devices and talking to our manufacturing teams, it looks like the visible defect is a cracking or peeling of material from the inside of the lens as a result of the molding process for the part. We are working to scope a solution for this, but since it is a problem off of the line, many if not most of the devices will have that defect at this time”

@JOSEF Was that from the Ring support team as a follow up to your case? I agree with the point that all of them are going to be like this and I would also bet all of them have the dim LED issue as well. The issue is there is no point just not trying to get a swap etc as its just going to be the same. If these are manufacturing issues the process will need to be changed which could take quite a while for retooling etc.

I note from your update Josef that Ring have described this as a “defect”, which presumably means that we will be within our rights to request a replacement when they have revised the manufacturing process to address it.

Hey neighbors! Thank you for sharing the updates here that you have gotten from the Ring support team during your contacts. Per what @Marley_Ring has said in here previously, some Ring Pro 2’s have a strand of stray adhesive over the light sensor that looks like a crack, but does not interfere with the function at all, and thus should not cause any problems down the line.

We recommend contacting our support team if you see this on your Ring Pro 2’s light sensor and have cause for concern, as our support team will be able to document that photo of this on your device on your account, so in the future, or at that very moment, if you need a replacement for this device, you will be able to get this. While we are confident that this will not interfere with the function, we recommend letting our support team know this concern you have with your device so that they can notate it for future reference. In addition, this should not affect the LED on your device, but we are getting reports of this as well, and our team is actively looking into how we can fix this, if not in a future firmware update. I hope this helps, neighbors!

If at any time you notice a loss in functionality with your Ring device, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.