Doorbell Pro 2 - is this damaged?

So this is my 2nd Doorbell Pro 2, first one arrived what I believed to be damaged, and now my 2nd one has arrived and is the same, although in a slightly different orientation.

Is anyone else’s the same? It’s the sensor underneath the main camera. Looks like the glass is cracked. This is pics of both of mine.


1st Doorbell Pro 2

2nd Doorbell Pro 2

Very interesting. Now you mention it mine also looks cracked!

Do you get a weird crescent artifact on your night vision footage? Just seems weird it’s almost same shape as the crack, reflecting through somehow?

Not that I have noticed, I’ll have a look tonight.

Mine is the same. Just checked it there. @JOSEF Did you notice any improvement with the LED light ring round the button with your replacement device?

Not installed the 2nd Doorbell yet as would rather wait for Ring to say if this is normal or not. I’m guessing it shouldn’t be as they replaced my 1st Doorbell after seeing the pic I’d sent. I can say the transformer with the 2nd Doorbell is labelled differently than the 1st. First branded Delta, this one unbranded completely. Odd!

I think Delta make the new Ring DC transformers first batch of Pro 2’s came with the them branded Delta. I think they should actually be Ring branded as that’s what they show as in the Ring store if buying one on its own.

Well neither are branded Ring hah.

So installed the replacement, can confirm the LED is also ridiculously dim. Hoping one of the forum Ring guys can confirm whether the sensor under the main camera is meant to be like that or if it’s damaged

Pinging @Caitlyn_Ring @Marley_Ring @Jennifer_Ring @Chelsea_Ring

Could someone from Ring please respond to this thread? Thanks.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, neighbors! I’ve shared this with our teams here for further investigation. In the meantime, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

Had a supervisor called Chris phone me last night. Going for 3rd time lucky with another doorbell as they don’t believe the crack should be there.

Hes thinking that too much glue has been used in the manufacturing process and the pressure of too much glue causing the split/crack in the glass near the sensor

@JOSEF Hopefully you can post the results of the swap. I am interested in the outcome here and also if your replacement has a better LED light as well.

I ordered another Doorbell Pro 2 to compare and this new one also has what appears to be a defect.

@Marley_Ring please confirm if this is indeed a manufacturing defect.


I think based on the posts this “defect” is going to be on every Pro 2 just like the dim LED. Looking at the close up shots it could be excess glue as was mentioned in one of the earlier posts. Although I haven’t noticed any functional impact on the device and it seems to be working fine.

Regardless, the excess glue (if it is that) has caused an internal layer of glass to crack/split. Brand new devices may be fine but in time could affect them if the other areas around the sensor expand or lift under pressure. Its a top end doorbell and should be perfect for the money it costs.

Plus, no one from Ring has said if this is intentionally manufactured like this yet.

I think its likely almost 100% certain they are not supposed to be like this and it is some sort of manufacturing issue. The difference with this one vs the dim led which is also happening on every Pro 2 as far as I can see or the audio issue which some seem to be finding (I haven’t experienced myself) is those are possible firmware fixes, this one wont be. You are correct that while it is having no functional impact at the moment that doesn’t mean it couldn’t down the line.

I’d be concerned with doorbells in direct sunlight, once there’s a crack won’t take long for others to happen. Not sure if mine is having an impact, on night vision I have a crescent shape on my footage. Which I’m not sure is by chance the angle of the Pro 2 vs my old Pro with less of an angle, as the Pro wedge and Pro 2 wedges have a different angle to one another now. Pro 2 wedge is 25 degrees and Pro wedge is 15 degrees and stackable.

If I get any updates from Chris I’ll post here

I’m interested to know if anyone has a Pro 2 without the cracked / over glued sensor? This needs a definitive statement from Ring. Is this a manufacturing defect or not? Otherwise we’re all going to be returning them until we get one that doesn’t have it.

I don’t think anyone will. I think they all have this and all have the dim LED.

I’m wondering if this is just with the European units with transformers? Not heard from any US guys yet if theirs are the same with the crack.