Doorbell Pro 2, has dim solid white light during install?

I’m working on an install of a Ring Pro 2. It’s basically just a swap because the push button cover pad to the previous Doorbell Pro fell off. So after the new install I had a solid blue light except for a flashing blue segment in the 10-11 o’clock position, an hour later it changed to a pulsating white light, this morning I woke up to a solid dim white light and I can’t find any publication that says what the light represents and I can’t configure it on the app. I get a Doorbell ring when I push the button, and a hard reset only brings back the dim white light. Any ideas? Please help!

Hi @Sandovr. The white pulsing light indicates that the Ring Pro is in an idle state. You’ll need to open the app and go to “Setup a Device”. Follow the on-screen prompts and once complete, your Ring Pro will do a quick update and finish the setup.