Doorbell Pro 2 for Condo?

Trying to decide if the Doorbell Pro 2 will work for our condo.

Ours is at the end of the hall with the front door facing the hall, so the other units on the floor are in the field of view. I am wondering if the motion settings will allow the motion zone to be dialed in close enough to the door, so that other people on the floor won’t keep setting it off as they come and go from their doors down the hall.

Would probably need it dialed in so that anything farther than 10’ away would not trigger the motion settings.

Anyone have experience with this scenario? Can the motion settings be adjusted that close in?

Hi @fje. The Doorbell Pro 2 uses 3D motion detection, which uses radar to detect the distance of an object, providing more precise motion detection than camera vision detection and reducing false alerts. You also have a few other Motion Settings to fine-tune your motion detection. I believe it will work for your situation.

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