Doorbell Pro 2 does not response to second button push

I have a Doorbell Pro 2. The doorbell does not respond to any button push or other activity after the first button push for about 90 seconds. Is this normal?
I have access to a Doorbell gen 1 and have tested it. It will respond to any button push at any time. I believe the Gen 1 has a true mechanical switch in it and the Pro 2 has an electronic switch. Does anybody know what doorbells have a true mechanical switch?

Hi @hoot_1947. After you ring the Doorbell, your Doorbell will begin recording the event so it cannot process a second ring so shortly after the first ring. The video needs to finish recording and processing first. You’re welcome to add your feedback to our Feature Request board, which is what we use to gather and share ideas with our teams here. Other neighbors have also shared their desire to be able to ring the Doorbell multiple times, as I found this request which may match what you’re looking for.