Doorbell poor detection

Ive installed a ring doorbel gen2 and not able to get it to detect motion until very close to the doorbell. It is located at the top of 4 steps so around 7foot from ground level.

After initially struggling to get it to detect i have added 2 wedges but this has not improved the situation.
In the attached image, I have walked from the far end of the drive an was not detected until where you see me in the image. Sensitivity is at max and the detection zones cover the driveway.

Can anyone shed some light on this as im really at a loss as to what to try…

I also have a stick up camera, thats now not detecting too.
If i reboot it will detect once and record, then nothing unless i reboot again.

Hi @AndyTh. Your Doorbell is mounted quite a bit higher than the recommended mounting height, which will negatively impact the motion detection. If you have any Ring Cameras that overlook your front drive area, you can use the Linked Devices feature to have your Doorbell begin recording when another Camera detects motion.

Regarding the Stick Up Cam, check to ensure you do not have motion detection disabled within your Modes settings. Additionally, verify that the Stick Up Cam has a strong wifi signal and the Motion Zones are set to your preference. If you continue to have motion detection concerns with your Stick Up Cam, please follow up with our support team for further assistance. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.