Doorbell, plus two spotlight cameras no longer recording

Hi everyone,

My system is less than a week old but has been working great until today.

Today, 3 of my devices (my doorbell, plus 2 spotlight cams) suddenly:

  1. Stop notifying.
  2. Stopped recording (nothing in the app or on the web page).
  3. Live view doesn’t work.
  4. Preview on the dashboard is from yesterday. No preview images from today.

My other devices are still working like a champ, including those further away from the wifi. Live view works fine and notifications/recordings working with a camera on the same wifi network but further away.

I’m pretty sure that it’s frozen or glitched. I could reset them or start the remove-from-app process to get the prompt to reconnect them, but two are in locations that a ladders is needed to reach. I would prefer not to do that.

Are there other ideas? No way to reset without physically touching them?

Good question @chartscharts. It sounds like the Ring device may have fallen offline, in which it should reconnect once signal reaches it. The first best step would be to ensure signal is reaching this area efficiently. If so, power cycling your network could prompt it to reconnect. Otherwise, any reset or reconnection steps would require physical access to the Cam. That being said, our support team is always happy to help provide an in-depth look at your concerns to advise the best next steps. :slight_smile:

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Resetting my WiFi router worked, they reconnected and I didn’t have to get the ladder. Seems like I shoulda thought of that myself, but thanks!

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