Doorbell Options - Existing 2 Wire Battery Powered Doorbell


Im looking at upgrading a very old Friendland doorbell system that still works.

It’s based on an external doorbell with 2 wires, which is wired back to a door chime powered by 4 D-Cell Batteries and no transformer.

Size wise, I’m looking at the smallest possible compatible ring unit that can be used with a plug in adapter and chime.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve attached some pics below to assist.


Hi @Rambler. Hardwiring a Ring Doorbell requires a doorbell circuit with a compatible transformer. A chime powered by batteries would not provide enough power on the circuit for the Doorbell as well. There are battery powered Ring Doorbells, which would be powered off a rechargeable battery and would not require a doorbell circuit. To hear an audible alert in your home, you can use a Ring Chime or a compatible Alexa enabled device.