Doorbell offline after being rung

We have a new Doorbell Pro installed in our new house. So new wiring, new router, excellent WiFi connection. We also have a security camera out the back that works perfectly. But our Doorbell constantly goes offline whenever the bell is rung. Pushing the button does nothing - it is although it is dead - but it is wired in not battery. If we trip the power to the house then it comes back online without any problems or even having to push anything or if we do nothing for a couple of days it randomly comes back on. But it is making for a pretty useless doorbell and security system. Other than constantly having to kill power, does anyone have any suggestions?

Hi @Samwd! This sounds to be symptoms of potentially low power. The best first step will be to ensure the Pro Power Kit is installed properly. Please also confirm the transformer is rated for at least 16v 10va.

In the Ring app, in your Ring Pro general settings, there is a chime selection type. Please ensure this is selected as mechanical, or digital, depending on your chime type wired in. Please also ensure if a chime kit is being used, that it is on our Chime Compatibility List. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

The same thing happens to me. It has nothing to do with power. It has enough power. I have called on multiple occasions because of this problem. And it’s not every time it is rung its happens on and off but it is always the door bell ring that kicks it offline and I too have to turn the power off and on to get back on line. I know to keep an eye on it Now ever time the bell rings. So that I don’t go a month paying for the extra service when the doorbell has gone off line.

I am hoping someone finally figures out why the PRO does this and releases a fix vs the standard answer of it being the power when that is not the case.

Turns out it was a faulty unit. It has been replaced and works faultlessly now.