Doorbell now wants a simpler(dumber) password?

I was hoping to email Support directly or raise a ticket, but it looks like the only option is to ask the “community”. Hopefully a Ring employee answers.

We have had a Video Doorbell 2 for some time.

In July '22 it was happy to join our WiFi using a password with a special character *****************~

For some reason I had to remove it from the network.

Now when trying to re-connect it, your 'phone support says it wont because you “improved” the software to not accept special characters?!

While the rest of the world moves to higher levels of security, you want to go the other way.

I’m not “dumbing down” the password just for your doorbell, let alone visiting all the other WiFi devices to change their password to a new, lower standard.

Do you have:

  1. A list of characters that are acceptable?

  2. A member of your product range that does accept “~” in a password?

Or am I about to be an ex customer?

I would suggest you call or chat with ring directly rather than use the community board.

Thank you for responding.

I did try the 'phone support initially.

They were the ones who told me to “dumb down” the password.

I was hoping for a chance to discuss this with a dedicated Tech Support person and confirm if it was fact or the 'phone person was incorrect.

Thank you again.


It appears that all Ring devices only support numbers and letters in their password. :frowning:

Not only that but when I called the support line about their “elite” product as a possible replacement (because it supports Ethernet), they couldn’t tell me what the dimensions are.

The web site has:

11.94 cm x 6.98 cm x 5.51 cm but no indication of Height, Width or Depth.

When asked if it was 5.51 wide or 6.98, the support line couldn’t tell me. :frowning:

I’m also surprised why it would need to be 5.51cm (> 2" for US people) deep.

Update 2:

I rang the US and spent 20mins trying to get the “advanced” tech support team to tell me which was width and which was depth.

They couldn’t tell me. :frowning:

I then noticed the “chime” was on the WiFi network (even though it used the special character) and thought I’d give the doorbell once last try.

Not only did it connect using the “special character” password but it downloaded an update too.


  1. Doorbell and chime happy to use special character password. It still used the WiFi post the update.

  2. Ring Tech support in three places - Chat to US, Call to Australia and Call to US provided the wrong information.

  3. We’ll be moving off this platform if the Doorbell fails as this has been a complete waste of time.