Doorbell notification when no one pressed the button

For the past couple of weeks I have been getting sproatic ring notifications that someone is at my door. I go there and no one is there. I check the history and in most cases it has been hours since any motion was even detected. Any ideas since I can’t get direct support from Ring.

Hey @jmtchll. I’d be happy to help take a look into this to see if we can get rid of this false alerts you are getting for your Doorbell. It’s important to know when someone’s at your door, whether they ring the bell or not! What kind of Doorbell do you have that this is happening on? When you receive the notification, is it an alert for motion or that someone has rung your Doorbell? In addition, if you don’t mind, please attach a screenshot of the Motion Zones you have set up, as well as where you have your Min-Max slider positioned. Lastly, please let me know what your Motion Frequency is set to and if you have Motion Verification turned on. Once I have this information, I can help further from here to see what could be causing these unwanted alerts. Look forward to your response, neighbor.