Doorbell not working

My doorbell has basically stopped working after less than a year. It’s hardwired, and I noticed the light was flickering for a few days then completely out. I took it off the wall, and plugged it in via USB. The battery status stayed at 50% from a few minutes after plugging it in until 5 hours later when I finally unplugged it, and the blue light never came on. The live view worked on my modems Wi-Fi, but I was unable to change Wi-Fi network (hoping to put it on a guest network on my router.) I put it back on the wall and it’s still saying 50% battery and hardwired, but will not connect for live view.

Hey @ArgusMcJohnsten. If your device is having issues holding a charge, please reach out to our support team via phone here! They can do advanced and in-depth troubleshooting with your device to see why you may be having this concern.