Doorbell not setting off Chimes, despite recording video

Device: Ring Video Doorbell 4, connected via a Chime Pro

Connection: RSSI of about 60. Noting that prior to purchasing the Ring Video Doorbell, following Ring’s advice we should have had a strong enough connection without the Chime Pro, and I can comfortably video-chat on my phone via wi-fi from that location.

Issue: About 1 in 5 doorbell presses don’t set off the chimes/phone notifications. However, they often do still record video just before the moment, or of the actual button press! Why on earth is the software for a doorbell not optimised to be doorbell first, and video-camera second? The hardware and connection seem up to the task, but they seem to be let down by wonky software. While I’d strongly suggest the doorbell software prioritise being a doorbell going forward, is there anything that can be done to make this $300+ doorbell more reliable?

Hi @Axe99. In the instance that you do not receive a notification from the Ring app about the Doorbell being pressed, are you seeing a Motion Event in the Event History just before the Doorbell was pressed? Or is it logged as a Doorbell press, but you didn’t receive the notification for it? Feel free to attach a screenshot of the Event History so I can see what you’re seeing as well.