Doorbell not recording during the night

It seems like my doorbell doesn’t pick up motion during the night. During the day it seems to pick up every little motion, but last night our car was broken into and it didn’t record anything. According to our neighbors their camera picked the guy up around 4am. My ring doorbell didn’t sense a thing between 12 am and 8 am. Just wondering if this is a setting issue? I do have ring protect. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

SInce, none of us know how you have your doorbell setup it is hard to say.
It could be it doesn’t point enough towards your driveway.
It could be you have porch or other lights that interfere with the operation of motion detection.
It could be the thieves did their activity outside the motion detection window of your doorbell.

If you want 24/7 coverage, then you need to purchase cameras that provide that. I have 3 Ring cameras and 3 non-Ring cameras. The non-Ring cameras run 24/7 and record everything.

Thank for the info. I just don’t understand why it picks up someone walking past my driveway, but not someone who is actually in my driveway.