Doorbell not recording all events

I had a package delivered today but the actual delivery was not captured on video. The delivery person had to have been recorded as they dropped the package off right in front of the camera. There is a motion recording sometime before the delivery and some time after. I know it records when someone is at the door because it records my family everytime we go in or out. Why would it be missing recordings?

Same problem…

why are only some movements filmed by the bell? it recorded everything before but not in the last year. it was super sensitive in the past and recorded bushes that blew in the wind but now it doesn’t film people on the stairs? only sometimes it does?

Hey neighbors! When you check your motion frequency, do you have it set to Standard or Frequent? If you have it to Standard, this could be why it seems like your Doorbell is missing some events. Try changing it to Frequent and this should help for the future! You can learn more about this in our Ring Help Center Article here.

I’m having similar problems, but when I look at the event history, I see the events, but they’re not recorded. My last recorded event was on 5/26/2020.

I’m being notified of the motion events, and haven’t had an actual ring event in a few days, they’re showing up in the list, but no video capture. I’ve made no changes since the last recording was stored and even verified that my cloud subscription is still good until 12/2020.