Doorbell not recording after midnight

It appears this problem of doorbell video not recording after midnight is a common known problem to Ring but has not been solved by them.
I have bought 3 ring doorbells wired for family and all have the same issue that after around midnight till approx 5.00 am there are no motion detections of anything in history.
I live on a busy road and although quieter at night there is still plenty of activity so whats going on with this problem.
Motion detection settings all checked, zone checked, sensitivity checked and all set ok.
Whats the point of a camera that at the most important time of the night doesnt capture anything.

Often times, a lack of motion at night can be improved through settings adjustment and lighting the area. Although you’ve already changed some settings, try testing motion at night yourself, to see where the motion does and does not detect you. This will help you to fine tune your motion settings in the Ring app.

If the area is very dark, I recommend adding some light, which will also improve video image quality at night. There are some great Smart Lighting solutions on

This happened to me the past 3 nights and has happened in the past. There is i reason and i have tested it. It is very frustrating and I would like someone to fix it where we live the nighttime is the whole reason i have it. and my house is very well lit as well as area.

Sent information to ring regarding the issue and sat through my old cctv footage overnight and the ring video doorbell didnt detect over 38 motions of people and vehicles going past my house. The pavement and cars at the front of my house are approx 15 feet away so the motion detection should pick it up. If it doesn’t then whats the point of having one as nightime is just as important to me.
The time period is always around the same time from approx 11.30/12 to 05.30 am. Last nights history picked up 3 detections in that time which is ridiculous.
I have bought 3 of these for my family and each have the same problem of not detecting at night time.
whats going on Ring? It appears to be a big issue looking at the forums and what are Ring doing about it? Nothing

Have switched porch light on and made no difference. The last two nights have had only 2/3 motion detections from around 11.30/12pm to 05.30/06.00am which is ridiculous.
What Ring are not explaining to me is it gets completely dark here by 6.00pm and Ring doorbell picks up motion detection no problem at all until approx midnight till morning. Whats happening at night time with Ring doorbell?