Doorbell not notifying phone or chime

My doorbell has not been notifying me of anything at all today. I had my storm door slam shut from a package being delivered and no notification from my doorbell or my floodlight cam pointed at my entrance. I have checked he online status of my cameras and all are online with good signal strength and full charge but nothing. It will not show a live view, show any previously recorded footage, nothing. I even rang the doorbell and stood in front of it and niether my chime or phone went off. I bought these three cameras and an the annual storage fee less than a month ago. Not a good start to being a “neighbor”

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I had the same issue and was going crazy thinking it was my router. But Ring said they are having problems on their end in another thread.


Community Manager

‎09-30-2020 10:54 AM

Re: Ring doorbell 2 notifications stopped

Hey there neighbours. We apologise for the inconvenience. Our processing infrastructure is running behind which is causing delays – we are working to resolve it ASAP. No data has been lost and the system should be caught up shortly. Be sure to check for updates here.