Doorbell not connecting to WIFI

I tried connecting my ring doorbell to my wifi but it keeps having the left blinking white light (connection problem). I tried everything…I did a hard reset on the ring, I checked my internet speed, I checked the distance, and I did a reset on my router. My wifi speed and connectivity/strength is excellent. Every other device I connect to the wifi is works great. I’m at a loss.

Hey @hkyman11. Try removing the Ring app from your mobile device and reinstalling it. If you have another mobile device to try the setup on, that is another great step to try. If this does not resolve your concern, our support team can certainly assist with more in-depth troubleshooting. :slight_smile:

I have same problem. It is not working. It connects to wife and drops. Like u I need help. Whoever is expert should give us a hand.

The only experts are Ring. You can call them.
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