Doorbell not connecting to phone

Trying yo set up my 2nd generation battery video doorbell. I get through the stages but it gets stuck on connecting doorbell with phone stage. Ive rebootbed my router, moved phone and doorbell closer to router but still the same. Can anyone help as im not technical!

Hi @user34370. What type of phone do you have, and what version of the Ring app is installed? There are some settings that need to be adjusted, but they are phone specific. Let me know, and we’ll get this device to connect.

Hi thank you!
Im using a samsung S21 and im not sure of the ring qppversiin but i have just updated it.

Hi @user34370. Try going into your phones settings and turning off the Smart Network Switch for setup. Also, be sure that your bluetooth is turned off as well as any VPN. This should help your phone to connect. Let me know if this helps!