Doorbell not compatible with my independent porch light

Installed a plug in video doorbell… works great I thought… I went to my porch in the evening and my independent motion sensor light didn’t come on… So I switched off the doorbell and the light then came on… I switched the doorbell back on and it would not connect to the WiFi while the light was on …once the light went off on the timer. … the doorbell reconnected… I went to the porch and once again my porch light did not work so I put my hand over the doorbell and sure enough…the light came on again… Any ideas please ? I’ve tried Ring technical support but no joy there.

Hi @user78540. We can’t speculate much on a third party device, such as your porch light. Is it connected to your network via wifi? If so, it may be causing signal interference if it’s installed closely to the Ring Doorbell. If it can be moved, you might try a different installation location on your porch to see if that reduces any signal interference.