Doorbell not changing color at night

Is the doorbell light ring supposed to change color at night? Mine stays white but does record all motion.

Hey @robcaryh. Do you have the Doorbell hardwired to your internal chime kit and/or transformers, or connected to a solar panel? It will show that it is white when it is charging with the white light. This light will not change colors but will remain on when charging from either of these external sources you may have connected to the Doorbell. Normally, when the Doorbell is recording motion/dinged it will be circling and or lit up in blue.

Its hardwired to the internal doorbell.

I am talking about like on the tv commercials, the light turns blue when there were people coming near the door. Or does it just come on when you are viewiong or talking?

@robcaryh It should turn blue when “on” and in the Live View, which will happen when you answer a notification of someone at your door from a motion or ding notification. Could you try accessing the Live View and seeing if the ring is blue for you?