Doorbell not capturing snapshots

I’m using my doorbell 2 as a security camera. Someone let’s their dog use my lawn as a toilet and doesn’t pick it up. The problem is that the device isn’t recording every motion that happens nor does it capture the snapshots like it’s supposed to do. It only captures video when something is right in front of it —- a bird or a possum. Help.

Hi @Rob21. Have you tried adjusting your motion settings? I recommend to have your motion sensitivity a little bit higher to test and see if it’s enough, gradually getting more and more sensitive if need-be. In addition, make sure you turn your Motion Frequency to frequent, as this will ensure you get as many recordings of motion events with little to no down time. Let me know if these changes seem to help after trying them out! :slight_smile:

My ring video doorbell2 not capturing video snapshots timeline… I am already subscribe to basic plan. I tried changing frequency 14min and 1 hr.
Note: Earlier Video snapshots timeline was showing and now nothing… it says no footage available.