Doorbell motion works but videos no longer record

I’ve had my existing Ring hardware (and same wireless internet) for a few of years with no issues. Three days ago, the video on my wired video doorbell stopped working. I still get motion notifications and the doorbell chime still works, just no video. The health check shows everything is good and signal strength is green. When I try to view motion alerts the app says it is unable to connect to the device. When I try to connect or change the wireless network, it cannot connect. I updated the app and reset my wireless router, but am out of ideas.

Hi @user51322. When you activate Live View, what error do you get? Are you using a VPN? Do you see any lights on the Doorbell? What specific doorbell model is this? Do you get the same errors on, or another device? What error are you getting when you try to connect to another network? This information will help us determine what is happening.

I am having the same issue I have a Gen 2 and a wired one and both are giving me an error when I click to view live it says “we’re having trouble connecting please try again” this has been going on for about 5 days. It does notify me of motion and I can watch the recording I just can’t see live.