Doorbell motion overriding Do Not Disturb

I’ve tried to look but could not find the answer. I have a hardwired doorbell as well as an outdoor camera by my garage, both with motion alerts and motion detection turned on. The Do Not Disturb setting on my Samsung phone is set to allow Ring notifications. When DND is on, I want the override to be only when the doorbell is pressed, not of the motion alerts. Currently my garage camera does not override but my doorbell motions alerts do. I do not see any discrepancies in the alert setting.

Hi @userJP71350. This is a setting that would be controlled from your phone, as there is currently no setting within the Ring app to allow specific Ring Doorbell and Camera alerts to override Do Not Disturb mode. You likely won’t have an option in your phone’s setting to specify which type of alerts from an app are allowed through on Do Not Disturb mode, but the options available may vary depending on your phone.