Doorbell missing activity


We installed a new doorbell over Xmas and have been tweaking it to try and get the best recording without it going off all the time.

The problem we have is it’s a busy path so dog walkers set it off all day so I made a mask to try and hide this which may be the issue.

I park my bus on the drive which it missed today, it just appeared but it’s defonnit hidden by the mask… Also we have milk delivered on a night who come right up to the door which never gets records.

I’ve put the sensitivity all the way up ( and everywhere in-between) but it’s not doing its job.

Is it broken or just not a bit pants?

Ps… it’s on battery if that makes any difference.

Hi @Simcfc73. I’m not sure what you mean by “mask”. Can you share a photo or example of this so I can better understand this concern? Thanks neighbor.