Doorbell missed an important event (didn't record)

Hi all, I have to say I’m writing this out of disappointment. I’ve had my doorbell pro since december 2018 and it’s been ok for the most part… but when the opertunity for it to really shine came up, it let me down in a big way.
Basically, a police chase that ended with the suspect running through our lawn into our driveway. It would have recorded the moments before that too (his car crashed into a house about 50 feet away. But it recorded nothing!

I get notifications when people walk by all the time, cars driving by and dogs pooping in our yard, but when we get a front row seat to the TV show Cops Live (not really…) nada!

The only thing I can think of, is maybe the sensitivity is too high and its recording too much and it decided to over heat and stopped working for a few hours and I didn’t notice it. Not sure if this is the right place to vent and request help about this issue, but I’d really like to correct the problem before the next time I really need it. Thanks

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Hi @No_Smoking! As long as your power and wifi resources are optimal to the Doorbell Pro, motion settings will certainly be the next best thing to check. Altering zones, sensitivity, and other motion options can always help to fine tune detection accuracy.

As Video Doorbells are intended to watch your entry way and property, 50 feet will likely be too far to capture motion, although the activity that happened on your property should be captured. If you feel like your Video Doorbell is not capturing enough of your property, we see many neighbors add Cameras or even Smart Lighting to extend motion coverage. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have the same issue – random failures to capture motion. I had an office chair delivered in a 3x3x2-foot box delivered and there was no capture. The five minute photo shows the box magically appearing. An hour later a UPS truck stops in the street for another delivery and I have vider from truck stop to delivery to truck leave. Useless when it counts.