Doorbell Live View Not Working, Videos only work for first 5 seconds, can only view on

So basically I’m paying 30 dollars a month for the right to get 5 seconds of 1 minute videos on and not being able to get live view to work on either the Rapid Ring app or the regular Ring app on my android phone.

Device: Ring Video Doorbell Pro

It doesnt matter if I’m using mobile data or wifi data.

All other devices on my wifi work fine without issue including an Arlo camera in my back yard.

The doorbell is fully charged, voltage is good, signal strength is rated as RSSI-34, State is Online. Device Health Report says it has a clean bill of health with a good wi-fi level strength and a good power level.

I’m using a NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 Smart WiFi Router (R9000) and it’s literally less than 20 feet from my door where the Ring doorbell is.

It’s using 2.2.00097 firmware. I’ve reset the router several times to no avail. The router is also using the most up to date firmware possible. I have gigabit internet from Xfinity going to this router.

Everything worked for about 5 months but in the past 6-9 months it hasn’t worked pretty much at all.

I really should have switched over to a device with local memory 6 months ago but haven’t had the time.

Any suggestions?

I fixed this by doing the following:
Created a guest network on my router

Uninstalled both ring apps on my android phone

reinstalled the regular ring app on my android phone

removed the ring doorbell pro from my devices

going through first time setup with my device

connected it to the guest network

I can look at live view without issue now, and videos recorded last for the full one minute. the only thing I havent checked yet is videos on but I would imagine those working correctly too.