Doorbell Live View loads slowly

I’m so upset I bought a Ring Doorbell. If I could have a small video on the Smart TV or Alexis capable Monitor that showed me the motion that caused a notification, this feature would be useful. But currently this is just an annoying waste of money. It’s like a toddler that’s constantly tapping me: "Daddy, Daddy… "
“Yes dear?”
“um… I forget”
“Oh!!! Daddy Daddy…”
“Yes dear?”
“I forget again.”
All I care about is the motion that cause the ring to send a notification. Often it’s a floor cloth drying on my balcony.
100% of the time i have a notification, by the time I open the app, click on “live view” (really!!! because staring at the grey button is what most people open the link to see???)
whatever motion - whether it be a delivery driver, or a squirrel, or a tortoise, it’s LONG gone.
i’m NOT paying for a subscription just to view the 3 seconds of motion that triggered an event 30 seconds ago, I PAID for a VIDEO doorbell so i could SEE what pressed the button, or caused motion, but this product doesn’t do that. It takes so long to open that it’s useless.
I’m sure porch pirates know that if they see a Ring doorbell, they have a good 5 minutes to get in, steel stuff then leave before the thing will notify the tenant.
I’m in the market for a reasonably priced Video Doorbell that will cache the video of what caused it to notify me, open quickly (you know, real time) and show me the video without me having to beg.