Doorbell live view fails to open with dual SIM iPhone 14

With my iPhone 14 live wiev fails or it takes a very long time to start a live view session.
The person who pressed the bell has gone before I connected!
I’ve seen a few threads dealing with dual SIM and IPv6. But on my iPhone 14 it is not possible to disable IPv6. (I have no MAC)

The problem

  • The error only applies to 4G/5G
  • WIFI works fine
  • The error only applies when both mobile networks (SIM cards) are activated, I deactivate one mobile network and everything works fine. (It doesn’t matter which line I disable)

Is there a workorund? (until RING fix the APP)

BR Johan, Sweden

Hi @J.Hansson. I was able to find this Community post where other neighbors had a similar concern. There is a marked solution with links to threads on what others have done to help with the concern.