Doorbell Light Sensor not working correctly

Hi does anyone know a fix to the doorbell sensors thinking the light outside is too bright causing the daytime video to be too dark, it worked fine up until a few months back and now daytime videos are awful, ive tried moving the doorbell angle (its on an angle kit) but its made no difference

Thank you

If i wave my hand over the the right side of the doorbell it brightens right up, but a few seconds later reverts back to dark again

This is what it looked like in the day time prior to a few months ago

This lens adjustment can happen when mounted in an enclosed area that lets in some light. Adjustment can vary by environment, amount of lighting, time of day, and even time of the season.

Facing the Video Doorbell mostly towards the light is a great step that I see you’ve accomplished here. In some cases, different surfaces and dimensions in view will make the lens adjust the best it can to the most visible or brightest spots. Adjusting mounting angle, or mounting beyond these environmental features can help.

Adding a Ring Camera is always another option, as it can be mounted up high to, often times,
capture more area beyond your entry way. Check out for deals! :slight_smile: