Doorbell lens peeling corrrection

Sadly my doorbell lens was peeling as well after about 4 years of having ring and paying monthly for service. Disappointing to say the least, but here’s what I did for a clearer picture.

  1. Carefully peel off the remaining protective layer. 2. Clean base with rubbing alcohol to remove old adhesive. 3. Polish base with a light automotive polishing compound, clean of excess. 4. Polish base with automotive polish. Images are before and after. May need to repolish periodically.
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Hi @user44695. Thank you for taking the time to share this advice with the Community! It sounds like the protective film the Doorbell is shipped with wasn’t removed when the Doorbell was originally installed. This could have caused the blurry view from the first picture. Regardless, I’m glad you were able to clear up the view on the Doorbell. :slight_smile: