Doorbell keeps ringing

Hello all, I’m in the middle of installing my first Ring doorbell. I was able to put the place against the wall and connect the wires, however, my internal doorbell keeps ringing until I take the doorbell off. Has anyone had an issue with this?

Hi @Kmart81! The best first step here will be to check your Ring app for In-home Chime Settings. This can be found in the general settings of your Doorbell’s device settings in the Ring app. I recommend also ensuring your chime kit is compatible with your Video Doorbell by checking our Compatibility lists. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have the same issue. My bell is

Rittenhouse Westminster door chime
Emerson, model C86331

I don’t see that in compatible or incompatible list.

But when hooked up with ring pro, it keeps ringing constantly.

What are my options? (other than returning back ring pro to Costco).

Hey @Utrankar. After checking the compatibility list for the Pros, it looks like this is not in the list of compatible chimes, which may be why it is ringing constantly. I recommend bypassing your chime kit to avoid this constant ringing, which you can learn more about here. :slight_smile:

I have just installed my doorbell but it is constantly popping up on my iPhone 8 Plus telling me someone’s at the door, when there isn’t.

how do I correct this, I have not attached a chime as yet.