Doorbell Installation

Hi, help needed. Moved into a new house and really need a video doorbell but don’t know where to mount. I’ve attached a photo, I don’t really want to drill into the UPVC as we’re tenants in the house for the next three years. The model is the new 2nd Gen Ring Doorbell just released in June.

I read somewhere I can use a double sided outdoor sticking tape, anyone any more specific installation instructions. Ring support say no and I should go for a refund. Another thought I had was to install on the concrete wall which is on a 45 degree angle to the left of the door, but I’d guess folk would press the button and turn and face the door, just wondering how this will make the visitor look like on the camera, ie will they be easily identified still?

I found this when googling can I install Ring doorbell without screws and this is what I found but Ring support online chat said that it’s not recommended, am a little confused! CAN I MOUNT RING DOORBELL TO OTHER SURFACES SUCH AS GLASS?

Ring Doorbells can be mounted to multiple surfaces. We provide the tools and equipment necessary to mount Ring Doorbell to wood, brick, concrete, and stucco. You can use double sided 2 pound foam compression tape (not included) to attach the mounting bracket to other surfaces like glass, aluminum siding, and other surfaces that can’t be drilled.