Doorbell inoperable for 70 seconds following ring

We purchased four Doorbell Elites and had them professionally installed, only to discover that they have a fatal flaw - when the doorbell is pressed they will not register a second press for more than a minute. It seems the whole time they are recording a live clip, they do not function. This includes both notifications and the doorbell chime.

I was told by customer support that this is “by design” and that there’s no way to have the doorbell simply ring every time the doorbell is pressed. They also told me that, if we’re not hearing the first ring, we could purchase additional chimes for other locations. Are you kidding me?! You want me to give you more money because your product fails at its most basic function? For christ’s sake - it’s a doorbell and the company is called “Ring”. You would think it could do at least that one thing well…

Are there any plans to fix this with a software update? Is it even possible? We will have to return these doorbells despite the sunk cost of the installation. It’s just unacceptable to have a $350 doorbell which is out of commision for minutes at a time.

Hi @witu. When the Doorbell button button is pushed, it will activate a recorded event. During this event, pushing the Doorbell button will not cause an additional chime. Once the event has ended, the Doorbell will be able to record a new event and another button push will cause a chime. I appreciate you feedback and I will share this with the appropriate team.