Doorbell horrible view

My ring pro has horrible quality image. It use to be only at night but now is bad during the day every day it keeps getting worse. At night time you can’t even see if there’s someone walking outside my house it only detects car moving because of the light, any ideain how to fix this problem? .

Hi @gonzalo90arg. Thank you for sharing the image of your Ring Pro. In my personal opinion, the quality of the image you shared appears to consistent of what I’d expect to see. What is the RSSI of your Ring Pro? You can also try rebooting your internet router, as this usually allows for an improvement in image quality. I hope this helps.

@gonzalo90arg Image quality in the example you posted looks fine. It is later in the day so wont be as good as full daylight but you device will then switch over to infrared/night vision when it gets dark. Can you post another example showing the poor image quality. It more sounds like you are having an issue with motion detection? Would be good to know the RSSI value.

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