Doorbell help

I’m really interested in getting a ring doorbell but not to sure if there is a way to install it on a security door pictured is what I have to work with

Glad you asked @Steve78! That entryway area will certainly require some creative solutions for a proper Video Doorbell mounting. As there is not much frame space on either side of the Door and the perpendicular walls are close in proximity, mounting a Doorbell will require the use of a Corner Kit, so that it has a chance of avoiding the parallel wall.

If possible, mounting a Video Doorbell at the end of your entry way, furthest from the door, might be the easiest and most efficient option. Mounting the Video Doorbell on the exterior most edge, before the entry way narrows, will allow you to detect visitors as they approach that area.

If your preference is to capture people right at your door, installing a Camera to cover the entire area may fit better than a Doorbell here. Keep in mind that brick walls and a metal security door can cause wifi interference, so it will be best to avoid mounting anything on the door itself. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: