Doorbell gen 2 , not connecting to wifi

Trying to reconnect Doorbell gen 2 , process works ok until the point where the doorbell is about to connect to my wifi and it fails saying the password is wrong. Confirmed password is not wrong , the router is on 2.4Ghz and the doorbell is 2 metres away from the router. Any help appreciated.

Hi @f4988d8af641b0d012891748de9265. If your wifi password has any special characters in it, try changing it to include alphanumeric characters as sometimes special characters in the wifi password can cause this to happen. You can also try a fresh setup in the Ring App by using the steps under Set Up a Device. When you get to the step where you’re choosing a wifi network to connect to, make sure you choose not to connect to a previously used network. This will ensure you’re completing a completely new setup. Let me know if you’re able to get your Doorbell connected and up and running. :slight_smile: