Doorbell gen 2 mounting height confusion, 1.2m from middle of doorbell?

Hi All

I’ve read the link here

The mounting height is confusing me, I originally read it as the bottom of the doorbell should be 1.2m from the ground, however this picture from the link above:

shows the 1.2 metres measured almost at the middle of the doorbell, is that correct?

Advice appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @marcster. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will reach out to my team to have this looked into and updated. Please use the image on this Help Center page to see how high your Doorbell should be installed.

Thank you, so just to confirm @Justin_Ring the doorbell should be mounted 1.2m measuring from the bottom of the doorbell if i’m reading the article correctly? thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi @marcster. It won’t make much of a difference if the distance is from the top, bottom, or middle of the doorbell. Ideally, the middle of the doorbell will give you the best results.

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