Doorbell (Gen 2) Doorbell Ringer Volume

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Just installed the above and have an issue, has anyone got the doorbell (gen 2) ringer volume to turn off using the slider under device settings?

Mine is set to the lowest position and the sound still comes from the doorbell when the button is pressed, this can be heard around the street and is annoying some of the neighbours. i’ve only had it installed for 1 day.

if this cannot be sorted then i may have to send it back, i did call support but they said the feature is not enabled yet in the application?

everything else works fine and its connected to the echo show 5 without issue.

This has happened to me too, I just bought mine on Sunday and connected the echo show 5, which then increases the doorbell volume regardless of its setting within the ring app.

It’s a severe bug to which ring don’t seem to have the answer, they haven’t responded here and told me to call them when I contacted them on Twitter. If they couldn’t resolve it on Twitter I doubt they can on a telephone call!

Sorry I should add - the issue does not happen when it’s disconnected from the echo. It’s their selling point - so why hasn’t it been fixed ASAP?

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disabling the doorbell on the echo show does indeed solve this issue i never thought of trying that so thank you for the pointer.

So is this an echo show issue or a ring (skill) issue?

Hopefully someone will pick up on this thread and help us solve the issue as i am sure there must be others with the same problem, otherwise the doorbell and the echo will be going back as not fit for purpose.

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Hi there, @Nks! When visiting your Device Settings > General Settings, that volume slider is certainly for the sound coming from the Doorbell itself. Turning this slider all the way down should result in no noise, or muted. If it does not, try removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device, as well as ensure any vpn is disabled. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: