Doorbell doesn’t pick up people until they’re walking off

I have the doorbell and I’ve noticed that the camera NEVER picks up anyone walking to my door, it always starts once they’re at the door and walking off. By the time the video becomes clear, they’re walking away.

Any way to change settings to pick people up as they’re walking to my door? Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. Thanks!

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Sounds like a poor RSSI signal. That wil cause delays in triggering motion recording. Check that level and report back. Ignore the negative sign and the lower the number the better. Ideally you want to see like 65 or less, and preferably in the 40’s or even lower.



Just checked and it is 47. Any suggestions? My router is only about 10 feet away from the doorbell. A staircase, drywall, and the brick outer wall are the only things between the two

Hey @Mcrhea215. Thanks for sharing the video. From the looks of things, I’d suggest using a Wedge Kit to angle your Doorbell down a little bit. This should help it detect motion more consistently.

I’ve already got the side wedge on there so that the camera doesn’t point at the post. Can I add a second wedge to force the angle down?

Hi @Mcrhea215. Yes, you can absolutely “stack” these together. Try adding the wedge, adjusting your Motion Settings and then performing a few tests by walking in front of the doorbell. Let me know if this helps!