Doorbell does not let to connect to live view every week, but shows online

1 month ago I installed doorbell 2020 edition and every single week it goes offline after working 3-5days. I have to hard reset doorbell to make it work again for 3-5 days and then it goes down again.
Ring support on this is terrible, every time the same thing:

  • Testing wifi - all good. Test on Ring and Ring Rapid app - same behavior. Testing with wifi off on the phone - same behaviour.
  • Doorbell shows online, but no live view is available. I was asked to reset router - no help. But if I reset doorbell all works good for next few days.
  • Because after the reset doorbell works OK, I am told doorbell works OK and it will not fail.
  • 3 -5 days later doorbell stops working.
  • I call support and it is the same cycle of support as they “Do not see anything wrong”.

I already spend 3-4 hours on support with Doorbell and so far no help. I have Ring floodcam at the same location that works without problems.
Can anyone help me to figure out why my doorbell stops working every week?

Hi @ViMat. Sorry to hear you are having this trouble. It certainly sounds like you’ve covered all your bases here. I suggest following up with our support team and asking to speak to our Neighbor Solutions Expert team. They’ll be able to see that you’ve done extensive troubleshooting with this device and take the appropriate next best steps.