Doorbell chime vibrating at night

One the doorbell camera switches to night mode the chime for the doorbell starts to vibrate making a constant sound. If I turn to porch light on, camera switches to color and vibration stops. Do we have a fix for this

Never heard of the chime doing that but on mine, when viewing or playing back video when the IR lights are on, there is a slight annoying whining sound. During the day or when IR lights are off, no sound. Alot of posts on people replacing the doorbells and have the same problem.

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Hey @MattK83. Depending on which Doorbell model you have, there may be hardware (included) required during installation. For the Doorbell Pro, a Pro Power Kit must be installed, similar to the Doorbell Wired and its jumper cable.

Here is a guide I use for resolving most Doorbell Pro wiring related concerns, and another guide for battery-powered Video Doorbells. I recommend checking the Chime Compatibility first as this is closest in relation to your concern. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: